Trädgårdsterassen is a new residential area north of Uppsala. The nature is literally round the corner. Together with Friends agenda I have developed a pattern, a map and different seasonal images.

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Note pad for Åhléns. Part of the sale goes to Stadsmissionen.

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Map over Köpmangården, residential area in Uppsala.
Client: Tobin Properties

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Art project for a Kindergarten in Stockholm.
Material: applications in wool fabrics on accoustic foam, vinyl stickers

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Emerald Forest is a wallpaper, first produced for the public toilets of Tuna Park, a shopping center located in Eskilstuna. Being close to the local zoo I embraced the fauna and created a jungle for the visitors.
Each toilet has its own pattern of windling branches and insects, and in the ”waiting area” you are surrounded by the jungle wallpaper. The project was led by the architects Elinder Sten.
Client: Tuna Park
Photos by Lasse Olsson

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LATTJO was released late 2015 as a new concept of games and dressing up costumes from IKEA.The world of “LATTJO” consists of the fun house, the secret garden and the underground. Here it is turned into a puzzle of 555 pieces.

In collaboration withTyra von Zweigbergk

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LATTJO was released late 2015 as a new concept of games and dressing up costumes from IKEA. The visual foundation of the collection was developed in collaboration withTyra von Zweigbergk including story, characters, scenery and costume design. The product line would grow into a puzzle, board games, outdoor games, playing cards, memory and more. See separate projects below.

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Costume collection for IKEA “Lattjo”. There is the snail hat, brain head, queen outfit, bat outfit and much more. Ideas and design in collaboration with Maja Sten and IKEA. Photographs by: Gustav Karlsson Frost.

In collaboration with Tyra von Zweigbergk

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A series of monkey portraits in gouache.
The work was shown at Gallery Tu in Stockholm.
Size 50x70 cm
Now available in my shop

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Skanstull Stories is a free interpretation of the area and people around Skanstull in Stockholm, a motley and vibrant part of the city. We were asked to make a piece covering a big plank in the local shopping area. The work was made in collaboration with Tyra von Zweigbergk. There was also an area for kids where they could colour in the characters.

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Cups for Millimeter Milligram, Korean Design Company
Blue Bear/ Blue Berry

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Sten + von Zweigbergk is a design and illustration collaborative consisting of Maja Sten and Tyra von Zweigbergk.

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My Rollercoaster

Wallpaper inspired by the song My Rollercoaster by Kimya Dawson. Printed and sold by Photowall.

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Characters and patterns for IKEA Paper shop

I wanted to create familiar characters such as a rabbit, bear, fox, mouse etc and mix up them with unfamiliar ones that I made up on my own, inspired by nature spirits: The Acorn Lady, The Boy with the Wind and the Wood Man.

Visually I used inuit animal art and the Swedish illustrator (and childrens book author) Elsa Beskow as references.

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Ett Hem is a hotel in Stockholm. It is situated in an old residential house from the beginning of the 20th century. The interior is designed by Studio Ilse and the concept is the feeling of a home. You eat in the kitchen, relax in the living room and take the bike downtown. I was commissioned by Studio Frith, to make three illustrations for the hotel catalogue: the house, the garden and a map of the area.

Recently we have also made a running map showing the tracks of Lill-jans skogen – the wild forest just around the corner.

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This poster is for an exhibition of three product designers' work at the Salone Satellite, Furniture Fair, in Milan.

They named their stall JAM, which is an acronym of the three product designers. I interpreted this in a literal way by referencing old jazz posters, yet in the world of furniture design.

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Sten Sax von Zweigbergk, is a collaboration with the illustrator Tyra von Zweigbergk. Our first project together resulted in a series of hanging mobiles exhibited in the ceiling of Lilla Baren at restaurant Riche.

The mobiles have also been showed at Grafikens Hus in Mariefred and at Form Design Center in Malmö.

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My Little Drama is the result of a collaboration between product designer Eva Schildt and myself. We met in 1978 drawing sad puppies at Ballongen kindergarten. Some 25 years later after doing this and that we ended up doing jewellery together. The collection consists of a number of motives that all have their own unique character. Some are vain, some are cheeky others live their life on a string.

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What if we were squirrels and had acorns lying around at home.

A project made in collaboration with Eva Schildt. Doorstop made in cast iron. For sale at Svenskt Tenn.

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Poster trilogy interpretation of the classic novel The Saga of Gösta Berling by the Swedish writer Selma Lagerlöf. This was her debut novel and first published in 1891. The title gives associations to the icelandic sagas. Supernatural elements, snow, folk tales, wolves and eccentric upper class characters, this book is full of magic realism.
Visually I was inspired by old Swedish folk art and tarot cards.

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Forest Tales was an exhibition showing work by Eva Schildt, Tinna Gunnarsdottir, Jeremy Edwards and myself in Tokyo. Invitation and stickers were inspired by the winter birds in the park just outside my studio.

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Sceenprinted poster designed to be tiled up as a wallpaper, inspired by the famous lamp-post scene in the books of Narnia by CS Lewis.

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Illustration for Sweden's biggest chain of second hand shops.

Winner of the Sweden Design Award in 2011.

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Wallpaper in a limited edition, published by Labyrint Press and printed at Sandberg Tyg & Tapet AB. The motif is inspired by the flora and fauna of the western area of the Cape district in South Africa. The text in the pattern is an original translation of a traditonal poem of the bushmen of the area. The poem is about what happens when we die and is told by generations to generations.

The wallpaper was part of the exhibition Expectations at Botkyrka Konsthall in 2010.

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